Plan B

Plan B - SJD Peterson, Andrew McFerrin I find it hard to believe the page count listed for this book. I listened to the audio version and it felt like a veeeery long book.
The story wasn't new; out and proud gay man falls for closeted football jock. Danny won't be anyone's dirty secret and Lance is not about to risk his football career by coming out.
I was also at times a bit puzzled by Lance's behaviour. He has spent his life pretending to be straight and never been with another man. He and Danny 'experiment' behind closed doors with Lance taking just small steps. And then suddenly out of nowhere he pops up in a gay club where Danny is celebrating his birthday and takes Danny with him back to a hotel room where he shows absolutely now hesitancy or nerves at giving his first blowjob.
Same thing at the end. They haven't seen each other for three years but the electricity between them is still there. So let's just drop the football career and get to the sex. Bottoming? Never tried it, but hey, he practiced, so not a problem, go for it.. Sure, a very romantic ending but generally those were some weird bouts of sudden eagerness and 'jumping right in' for someone who spends most of the long book being hesitant and just learning about his new feelings for a guy.
Bottom line - this book was ok, but nothing too special.