A Matter of Time, Vol. 1

A Matter of Time, Vol. 1 - Paul Morey, Mary Calmes What a ride.
Jory Keyes happens to be in the wrong place at the right time leading to a number of bad people wanting him dead. One of the detectives on the case, Sam Kage, needs him alive as a witness and tries to convince him to go into protective custody. Jory refuses. Several times and even after the criminals came dangerously close more than ones. He still refures, like any normal person would (Not!)
So Sam takes it upon himself to keep him safe which kind of translates into him stalking Jory around town. At some point they realize they are more than just a police detective and his witness, but unlike Jory Sam has never seen himself as gay before and being a cop doesn't make things easier.
So it's a struggle all the way. They break up, and get back together - Sam does try:
"It's just gonna end badly. It always does."
"Nope," he grunted, starting the car. "Not this time."
"Why not?" I sounded weary.
"'Cause everybody's gonna know about you. I already told my folks, so-"
"What?" I gasped.
"Hah!" he barked at me. "Didn't see that coming, did ya, you cocky piece of shit...always think you know everything...and put on your goddamn seat belt!"

And the making up is so very sweet:
He smiled wide before he pulled me forward and hugged me tight. "I missed you."
I couldn't speak around the lump in my throat. I just laid my head on his shoulder, hugged him back, and cried. The tears just rolled from my eyes.

So they go a bit back and forth, but eventually, Sam is ready and all in:
"But Sam, it's too soon. We need time to--"
"No, we don't, J. You aren't gettin' any time, so do whatever you hafta do in your head 'cause you live with me starting now."

I loved Sam's possessiveness and take charge attitude. And I believed in the love they had for each other. I just kept having to remind myself of that because quite often I could have strangled Sam. He sure has the acting like a dick down pat.

Some parts of this seemed very long and detailed but I was never bored and the final bits were like a rollercoaster ride that never ended (- throughout the confusing relationship status we got to witness, the bad guys were still out there!)
Every time I thought, phew, thank God it's over, another twist was added.

A highly entertaining book, but stay warned - it does not end. It's not a sitting-on-the-edge-of-the-seat-biting-your-nails kind of cliffhanger, but there is no real ending either.
So I am very glad I have Vol. 2 lined up already.