Clear Water

Clear Water - Amy Lane This book is a complete dose tooth-wrecking sugary sweetness. And I mean that as a good thing!

Being rejected by his father and left to die by his latest boyfriend, Patrick is saved by Whiskey who brings him home to his houseboat.
And since no one will really miss him and Whiskey is being nice to him, Patrick has nowhere else he'd rather be. So he stays and spends his time helping Whiskey and his working partner/friend Fly Bait with their biological research.

Whiskey needs all his patience and kindness to make Patrick see that although he may sometimes be a spaz, he is not only extremely lovable but he deserves to be loved. And slowly Patrick moves towards him to learn what a real relationship is about and that he can have that with Whiskey.
There is no real angst in this book just sweet romance spiced up with some criminals, two-headed frogs and explosives.