The Boy Who Came In From the Cold

The Boy Who Came In From the Cold - B.G. Thomas, Charlie David What a sweet one. Kind of a slow burn, but I didn’t mind.

The whole book is almost like a fairy tale. To sum up:
Young man, Todd, down on his luck is rescued by an angel. (Well, not really an angel, obviously, but his name is Gabriel.)
Everything gets better, he meets some great people, gets to resurrect his dreams and - falling in love with Gabe - he comes to finally realize and accept that he is gay. Todd’s struggle to understand his feelings and reactions to Gabe, often compared to his experience with his old girlfriend, are a central part of the book.

Of course there is also a showdown with his mother and the ‘evil stepdad’. Just wonderful. So much joy in seeing an MC gain the upper hand over a past tormentor :-).

The only issue I have with it is the extremely short timeline. If you look too closely at that this would have to be described almost as insta-love, but luckily the timeline is not too prominent in the story, so I managed to almost ignore it.

I ‘read’ the audiobook version and I loved it. Especially his stepdad’s the nasty comments from the past that keep appearing in Todd’s mind were well done.