Power Exchange

Power Exchange - A.J.  Rose Do you know how you sometimes have a feeling even before starting a book that you are going to really love it? It’s usually based on reviews, author name, the cover or whatever. Or it’s simply just a feeling.
This was one of those for me. It has sat on my TBR-shelf for a very long time. Maybe based on one of my favorite principles of saving the best for last. But I could not leave it alone anymore. I had to read this.

And I was right. This book was perfect.

Gavin is a homicide detective. Most of his family work law enforcement. And cops are not gay! So he has kind of decided not to be. It’s not that he doesn’t know but he has chosen to avoid dealing with it by marrying a woman like he was expected to and staying in the closet.

While investigating a case involving the death of a dom, Gavin meets Ben, who is assigned to assist the police in his capacity as a psychologist with intimate knowledge of the BDSM lifestyle.

Gavin is fascinated and intrigued by the lifestyle. And very much attracted to Ben. The two men are drawn to each other, things quickly get steamy hot, and under Ben’s guidance Gavin takes his first steps into a new world giving into both his need for a male partner as well as a need for submission he had not acknowledged before. Despite Gavin being married at the beginning of the book, he is not cheating on his wife. It’s the other way around, by which she provides him an easy out of an unhappy marriage

The hunt for the serial killer – yes, there are more murders throughout the book - is not uninteresting although it is clear a little too soon who we’re looking for. But what makes this book awesome is the development of the D/s relationship between Gavin and Ben.The way we follow Gavin into his new life as a submissive with all his doubts and fears – I could almost feel it. Absolutely f*ing beautiful.