Power Play: Resistance

Power Play: Resistance - Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant How the Hell did they do that? They being the authors of this book I have wanted to read for so long.
I just finished it this morning and picked up the sequel right away. Something I did not expect until the very end of this one. And I still don't understand how they made me suddenly want to read more. To suddenly like not only Bran but even Jonathan.

Because the road leading up to this point was no picnic. And I mean serious warning here - this was not pretty! I was so enraged my Kindle nearly took a dive out the window.

I love BDSM-themed books. But I need it to be 100% consensual. This book was just one huge grey area.
Jonathan did things to Bran that almost made me sick. Bran was a beginner with zero knowledge of the lifestyle. At the time they negotiated the contract, Bran had no chance of even imagining the things that may be done to him. And Jonathin did not really bother a whole lot with the talking.
The blurb is sugarcoating this talking about Bran's urges, his desire to submit. If that desire really is there, it is invisible to the reader. All we see is someone who has received an offer he cannot refuse but who does not really understand what he is signing up for.

So, to make it short. Bran did not behave as Jonathan expected and Jonathan ended up beating the crap out of him and torturing him. To the point that Bran was literally shaking with fear whenever Jonathan came near him. He used a fucking taser for God's sake. That is a real weapon. It can kill people!

So why a grey area? Because as nasty as this abuse was - and I have no other word for it - Bran had a safeword and was free to walk out anytime.
He stayed for the money, sure, but mostly out of pride and to prove to himself he is not the weak loser his father used to call him.
So I guess it was consensual to a point.
But still so very far from the beautiful D/s connections I love to read about.

To get back to my initial statement - I still don't know what the authors did to fix this mess for me in final part of the book. But I will read the sequel right away and I am looking forward to it.

Much to my own surprise....