Catch a Ghost

Catch a Ghost  - S.E. Jakes Ok, just finished this and I am a bit angry now. No HFN/HEA. I knew that so I did not start this one without having part two ready first. I need happy endings, so even though this story continues, it still means that this book when considered on its own loses points in my book. And I seriously do not like Prophet much at this point. I mean, what’s all that shit with Cillian? The guy practically agreed to sleep with him?!. I’ll get started on the second book in the series right away so I can get to a happier place asap.

As for this one, the one thing that bothered me most throughout the book was the sense of having seen/read it all before.

I have read Cut & Run and that makes this one seem like Déjà vu on all counts:

- badass MCs with military/law enforcement background
- one was a POV now having frequent nightmares and a fear of small spaces
- partnered up against their will
- start out hating each other
- stay in a hotel on their first case
- fight the first night and go off to have sex
- get together and fuck, then fight ([sarcasm on] ok, that one was actually quite different. In C&R it was fight, then fuck [sarcasm off])

Admittedly I am biased. Nothing and no-one comes even remotely close to Ty & Zane as far as I am concerned. I guess I felt a bit ‘protective/possesive’ when I got the feeling here someone is trying to steal their story.

That said, I liked Catch A Ghost. I love Tommy and Prophet, the are hot together! Seen on its own, I might even have given this one 4 starts, but I’ll deduct one as a copycat penalty.