Changing Plans

Changing Plans - L.A. Witt Oh my, the emotions in this book! These were originally three separate novellas, but you really do need all three of them together.

Elliott had been left standing at the altar by his boyfriend of six years. He decides to put at least one of the tickets for the planned honeymoon to use and finds himself snowed in at the airport waiting for his flight to Hawai.

He meets Derek and the two of them hit if off right away. After spending a sizzling hot night together at an airport hotel, they both know they don't want to leave things with just a one night stand.

I loved seing these two together. They are a perfect fit. There a plenty of hot scenes too, but what I really loved was the kissing. There are loads of kissing in this book and it is so well written I really felt the love and adoration they have for each other.

God knew we’d kissed enough times before, but this was different. A line being crossed.

It’d be easier to leave if I didn’t know you wanter me like I want you.
Derek slid his hand into my hair, and he kissed me, and that line was crossed. Oh, fuck, was it crossed.

There is pain in this book as well. Three days before the happiest day of their lives, Derek is confronted with the complete assholishness of his family. I’ve seen this plenty of times in MM books, but here it was done and described so well I felt the pain much stronger than I normally do.

But luckily, I got my HEA., so everything is just perfect.