Bound by Danger

Bound by Danger - S.E. Jakes If you are looking for some hot, smexy times with two (or more!) alpha males who aren’t afraid to leave bruises, SE Jakes is the one to turn to. Bound by Danger is no exception and the best of the series so far.

Clint, undercover CIA agent, and Navy SEAL Jace meet in an MC club and fall in lust. They spend one wild weekend together and part ways. That becomes a pattern for months – short, steamy hot hook-ups until the next mission sends one of them away again.
For a while it seems to be just about sex between them, but it quickly becomes more. Not that any of them is ready to admit to any kind of deeper feelings. Yes, it’s the macho thing again. Further enforced by them both being in jobs that have trained them to focus completely on a mission, guard their secrets and not reveal any kind of thought or feelings.

There are some BDSM elements in their relationship, but nothing heavy. Still an added bonus in my opinion; I do love it when a badass military man submits to handcuffs and a spanking.
And I am completely sold when rough manhandling is mixed with sweet tenderness – Clint calling Jace his ‘baby boy’ totally did it for me.

I have one complaint about this book; Rex and Sawyer took up a bit too much space. As much as I liked to hear their story as well, I couldn’t help the feeling they were only squeezed in in preparation for book 6, Bound to Break.