Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure - Kindle Alexander Loved it.
Was it as good as Double Full? No. But really, not many books are as far as I am concerned and I still loved this one.

I found Mitch's straightforwardness, the way he just says what he feels at any given time, very refreshing. The boys are both in law enforcement, so obviously both hot as hell.
Typical cliche, I know. But I want it that way. I do not need to have my books full of average-looking balding guys with too much around the waist. This kind of book is fuel for fantasy, so I am fined with ripped torsos and sixpacks! I mean - that cover? Cannot get enough of that.
And two of those together just gets sizzling hot. Alexander knows how to write a proper sex scene!

The plot was great. It was very clear that at some point Mitch or Cody would be targeted directly by the murderer, so that was no surprise. But that did not make me enjoy reading it any less.

Looking forward to book number three very much!