The Cove

The Cove - D.T. Peterson Why didn't anybody warn me?

Now, there is a reason I will never read [b:Always|20640467|Always|Kindle Alexander||39931201], despite Kindle Alexander being one of my favorite authors: I Need a HFN/HEA - both MCs dying does not constitute 'happy' in my book!. This book has that same problem for me - had I known, I would not have read it.

One could argue that that is not the book's fault, but this is my personal review and I do not like it. Since I do not believe in love beyond death, I would much have preferred to just leave it with the HEA. The epilogue ruined everything for me

Add to that the fact that it took 38% to get the first m/m kiss. The first third of the book was like a spring break 'documentary'. The MCs were f... so many women here I thought the book had incorrectly been assigned to the wrong category.
They also spent most of the time getting high. Which may be necessary for the story, but it got very annoying reading the dialog
"Wanna get high?"
"Fuck, yeah"
all the time. And I mean All.The.Time. Sometimes twice within a single page!
It got better in the second half when they grew up and smoked less weed. But no enough to really save this book for me.