Sweet and Sour

Sweet and Sour - Astrid Amara The setting of this story was a new one to me; a deli specializing in vegetarian, kosher food with a special focus on pickles. I am pretty sure I will never feel the urge to actually eat pickles myself, but Miles's deli sounds like a place I would love to stop by for coffee and a sandwich.
Reading about the place and its owner gave me an impression of a warm, homely place.

The other MC in this book, Nic, is a cop. And I have yet to find an MM story where that is a bad thing.

So everything looks promising. Except for the fact that Miles had a boyfriend. Now this is a decent book. The MCs do not cheat which means we obviously have to get rid of said boyfriend.
Most conveniently, the boyfriend is an asshole, hence easy to get rid of without too much pain. Problem solved.

There was a hint of a crime story in here somewhere but basically just used to get Nic and Miles to meet and add a tiny amount of drama towards the end.

A few things might have been just a bit too 'convenient' here, but I liked this book. A nice, fairly short read for a lazy day.

I'll most likely be reading more from this author. (And maybe one day I'll even manage to write reviews without jumping back and forth between past and present tense.)