Brokenhearted - Cate Ashwood, John Orr What a wonderful low-angst read.
Oliver leads a rather monotonous life in Seattle. He works his way through various restaurant kitchens hoping to one day own his own restaurant. He has no family and no real friends. Having grown up in various foster homes, he has gotten used to being alone and taking care of himself.
Cooking is the only thing that brings him any kind of joy.

His quiet existence is stirred when one day he comes home to the Sheriff of a small town on the other side of the country waiting for him on his doorstep. Owen Macklin has come with the news that the sister Oliver never knew he had has died and left all her possessions to Oliver.

They go back to Hope Cove together and not only does Oliver find comfort in the sense of community in the small town, he also finds love in Mack.
Mack fits the cop cliché of tall, dark, and handsome alpha-male, but cliché or not - I wouldn't want my cops any other way. And it is very refreshing to have an MC who doesn't freak out at finding out he wants to be with another man.

There are a few bumps in the road before things end like they are supposed to but it is all very romantic.

Great audiobook narration. I will definitely 'read' the sequels in audio as well.