Safeword - A.J.  Rose BR with Marte, Marco and Marcie – nice one guys :-)

Ben & Gavin - *sigh*. One of my favorite couples.
At the beginning of this book they are still suffering from the horrors they went through in the first book; the D/s part of their relationship is completely on hold and Gavin suffers panic attacks just from being touched.

Obviously, the bad guys don’t really care that Gavin has only just started working again. He is thrown right back into drama when the next serial-killer appears on the stage. One that also seems to be targeting him personally.

Between Gavin and Myah’s desperate efforts to find the killer and various run-ins with homophobic colleagues, Ben and Gavin are working hard to get their relationship back on track. With sometimes heartbreakingly painful setbacks. We are talking serious pain here. Beautifully written, but damn, it hurt!

And now – after Ben and Gavin end this book in a much better place than where they started – we are all waiting impatiently for book no. 3!