Frat House Troopers

Frat House Troopers - Xavier  Mayne, Peter Brooke There were some things about this book I really did not like!
It is a GFY story, I would say. So the MCs consider themselves straight at the beginning of the story.
Now, I can imagine a guy grows up surrounded be straight people, no gay influences or gay people around thoughout childhood and adolescence would just grow up straight, because that’s just what you do without thinking too much about it. And if there aren’t too many girls in his life, that would just be explained as ‘he’s a late bloomer’ or ‘hasn’t found the right one yet’ etc. I can see how that could actually happen to a certain extent. (I still don’t understand how being with women can work at all if a guy is gay – whether he realizes it or not, but that’s a topic for another discussion).
What I just did not buy here was the MCs’ reaction to the gay porn they had to watch as part of their newest case. A straight guy might not want to watch and would possibly be uncomfortable at the idea. But if the guy really, actually is gay, would outright disgust really be his true reaction? Not that I am the expert here and I don’t really know any real-life people I could ask about it, but it bothered me big time. The negative reaction to watching the videos were just too much.

The other thing was more of a minor annoyance. Sentence structure or whatever the correct wording would be. I am used to a certain order of subject and verb and found it odd to have so many cases of those two switched around: “…., commented Bryce”. It may be correct, but judging from the 200+ books I read this year, it is very uncommon, and it just stood out every time.

Enough with the complaints – there was a whole lot I did like.
I had a lot of laughs from the banter between the MCs and their visits to the city’s gay district when they had to go shopping for the right outfits for Brandt’s undercover work. During these shopping trips they were in the more than capable hands of Bryce and his colleagues; yes, things got a bit clichéd here. Bryce is the stereotypical effeminate gay man who knows his fashion (you know the kind of guy I’m talking about!) But he was just perfect in the context and the narration here was spot-on.

I was worried – considering my initial complaints – that when Brandt and Donnelly finally did realize there might be more than friendship between them, they would react with denial and fight it every step of the way.
- I was more than pleased when that turned out to not be the case. They have known each other and spent nearly every day together for two years, so even when their relationship did become ‘more’, they were still first and foremost friends. Not overly romantic, just two friends going with the flow of adding just another layer to their relationship. It had a very relaxed feel to it. And it sure made me look forward to more in the next books.