The Dark Collector

The Dark Collector - Vanessa North I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

It is quite clear to me right now, why Vanessa North is a writer and I am not. This was brilliant and I am struggling to put into words how I felt when reading this story.

Oliver misses his deseased lover, Jeffrey. An artist he lived with as a lover and a muse for five years. Oliver will do anything to get Jeffrey’s last painting and sells himself for a weekend to the stranger who outbid him at the auction for the painting.
-> I do not like books where guys prostitue themselves for whatever reason!

Over the course of that one weekend, Oliver and Henry make a connection and become quite close considering they have never met before.
-> I do not find the Pretty Woman plot where prostitute and client fall for one another very believable in books!

So basically I should not have liked this one at all. But I did. A lot!

The only reason this book does not get the 5 stars is that I need to know more about the characters. Meaning that I will probably never be able to give 5 stars to a short story as there simply are not enough pages for really detailed characters. That said, the author did a fantastic job of it in this book;
Oliver had loved Jeffrey deeply and had not managed to move on after his lover died. Henry was kind, caring and generous and saw through Oliver’s pain and saw the man he could be if he could finally let himself grieve and let Jeffrey go.

It was intense and deeply touching. And the ending was just perfect.