A Heart Without Borders

A Heart Without Borders - Andrew  Grey The blurb describes the story in this book quite well, so I will not go into details on that.

This book is set in a very real contemporary setting. Wes and Anthony meet at the hospital of a tent camp in Haiti. If I remember correctly, the story takes place three years after the earthquake; the city is in ruins and thousands of people are still without a home. Wes works long days saving the ones he can while still losing patients on a daily basis. The fact that Wes’s patients are all children does not make it any easier to deal with.

The whole atmosphere comes out very strongly throughout the book. The exteme weather, the desperation of people who have lost everything, sensed rather than actually seen, the fear that René could be killed by homophobes if he leaves the hospital area – it all takes a very prominent place in the book.

There is also a strong focus on René and Wes’s attempts at adopting him to the point that the romance between Wes and Anthony takes a back seat. I would personally have liked to see more of Wes and Anthony during their time in Haiti, but even so, I liked the story a lot. The ending just perfect. And it includes a dog which always gives bonus points in my book.