Nothing Ever Happens

Nothing Ever Happens - Sue  Brown Nothing ever happens.
This is a fitting title if you think in terms of adventure, car chases and people trying to kill each other as in a typical action story.
But when it comes to the way people interact with each other while going through their everyday lives, this is one of those books that make me think my own life is utterly boring. Although I do think I prefer boring compared to what the people in this story go through. Or should I say, put each other through.

Nathan and Andrew meet when Nathan and his family move into their new house just down the street from where Andrew lives with his wife and son. And the whole thing ends almost ten years later.

That is how long it takes Nathan to finally make a decision. No, wait. He didn't. And I absolutely resent him for it. The whole way through their story we are waiting for cowardly, wimpish, spineless Nathan to make a decision. But he never does. In the end, someone else makes it for him. How very convenient!

And that is not the only thing that is just a little too convenient. Andrew seems to have difficulties as well making up his mind about who to love. But at least he is not lying to or hurting anyone in the process.
Unlike Nathan. I personally don't discard a book on principle for containing cheating. I can live with that in books to a certain point. Nathan was waaay past that point. At the same time, though, his wife did something completely unforgivable so maybe they deserved each other.

This all sounds pretty bad. And it was. So why did I still give it three stars? Because I loved it when Nathan and Andrew were together and things were good. I loved how their love survived throughout the consequences of Nathan's bad decisions (or non-decisions!) They were good together.