Diversion - Eden Winters I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

Lucky got involved in drug trafficking in his younger years. He got busted and sentenced to ten years. But instead of spending all of them in prison he was offered to work off his time in the Narcotics Bureau. Now he is almost done. His freedom just a few months away.
But before he can leave he needs to make sure his replacement, Bo, is properly trained and ready to take over.
This puts Bo and Lucky together on a huge case of prescription drug fraud.

Lucky is a cocky bastard and never much of a team player. He agrees to take on Bo to make sure his replacement is trained by the best (Lucky’s own words for himself – no self-confidence issues there!)

During the course of them working together they get closer. Bo wins Lucky’s respect and the two men start sharing more of themselves as we get to see hints of their pasts. Which, in both cases, hold huge amounts of grief, pain and regrets.
Lucky begins to realize that the life as a free man away from this job no longer holds the same appeal it previously has.

The book is a fun ride. We have good guys vs. bad guys, action, two very hot guys both giving as good as they get - their banter and teasing provide for several funny dialogues. Not to mention they are hot together. I hope we will get more of the assfree chaps in the next books.

I have only one complaint; I did not feel they were even in the beginning. It was as if Lucky was the expert and Bo did not quite match him. He may not have had Lucky’s experience in this job, but he had a more than fitting background for it, so there was no reason he should be inferior to Lucky, which I felt he was. For example, during the ‘initiation fight’ I kept waiting for Bo to let out the ex-marine and kick Lucky’s ass. But it never happened.

As to the ending? I started panicking around 86%. I had a clear idea of what I felt needed to happen for me to be happy and felt it could never work with so little left of the book. Worked just fine – a very nice HFN.
Let’s just say I will definitely read the next books in this series.