The House on Hancock Hill

The House on Hancock Hill - Indra Vaughn For a very large part of this book I did not like Jason very much. And when you expect a nice sweet story with plenty of romance between two guys it is not a good thing to not like one of those guys.

It started out just fine with Jason ending up on a short visit to a small town he used to visit every Summer during his teenage years. He reconnects for a short while with one of his childhood friends. It is clear to both of them that they share more than friendship but as was the plan all along, Jason leaves Hancock to go back to his life. So far, so good.

But what happens when Jason finds out back home that something is missing? That he is lonely? Well, he could call someone. Now who would the sane person call? Jason has two serious options:
A: The ex who caused him a serious case of heartbreak eight years ago, when it turned out the guy had been cheating on him for over a year.
B: Henry, his childhood friend with whom he spent a wonderful time not too long ago on his visit to Hancock.

Do I need to spell out which option Jason chose?
I just never understood the reasoning for his behaviour. Why he would deliberately not try to pursue the good thing and instead go for what experience has taught him was a bad thing? (Not really clear at all, why the ex would want to pop back up on the scene after eight years!)
And running away completely trying to find himself by around with a random traveller in France might have been necessary for his journey, but it sure did not make me like him any more..

Still, Jason did find his way in the end. I did enjoy the two of them together. But that ending was way too short for how long it took to get there.