Full Circle

Full Circle - Riley Hart BR with Eva, Marte, Marco, Elspeth, Momo, Sonia....(hope I didn't forget too many)

Josiah, Mateo and Tristan are back!

I am no fan of MMM, but yeah, I like these guys. What I did not like is how the first half of the book seemed to be an endless loop of Mateo’s ‘I’m not worthy’ and Tristan’s ‘I fail everyone I love’. It got old at some point.

Now, the second half of the book is another story. Things got intense and not just emotionally within the relationship but from Mateo’s past rearing its ugly head. I loved the suspense of this. Oh, and the sex was much better in the second half two. Whereas the first scene between them seemed mechanical, their sexy times flowed much more naturally later on. As in scorching hot.

I had a problem with Ben’s and Tristan’s discussion towards the end, Top lawyer with connections found bruised in a house with a dead gang leader. No way is anyone going to question him if he claims to have shot the guy in self-defense. Taking it upon himself to confess to shooting Javier was a no-risk deal for Ben. No need to make a scene like he is risking his life or career. still it helped bringing Ben into focus in preparation for book number three. I am looking forward to Ben’s story very much.