The Full Ride: Bottom Boys Get Play

The Full Ride: Bottom Boys Get Play - Gavin Atlas Let's be clear on one thing from the beginning: This is porn! There are no elaborate storylines. Just enough of a story to have something to attach the hot scenes to.
I knew this when I started listening to this book. I expected and wanted steam. Which is why I was kind of disappointed after the first couple of stories. The first one was ok, but then it just got a bit weird and pretty boring. So much so, I had this book on ice for a couple of months.

I picked it up again recently and things changed. Oh my, did they change. There were some insanely hot scenes in some of the next stories (prompting the matching bodily reactions from yours truly!) - 'The Full Ride' probably being my favorite.

So, the stories (or should I just call them porn scenes?) were everything from 'meh' to 'ok' to 'sizzling'. Summed up, I would give the book three stars.
But - I listened to the audio version. Jason Frazier, people. Reading porn! Need I say more? One extra star for the narration.