The Ideal Side of Love

The Ideal Side of Love - Blak Rayne Stephen Prichard has a perfect grip on everything when it comes to his business. His coffee shops are running well and he is financially solid despite several failed mariages/partnerships having cost him a pretty penny. Stephen falls hard and fast but none of his previous relationships have ever lasted very long.
But with Myron things are different. They build a happy life together until Myron dies of cancer.

This was the painful part of the book. It was still beautiful how Myron died in Stephen’s arms, but the pain…

Still, needing my HEA, I soldiered on with this book. Just like Stephen. Except he didn’t.
Stephen misses Myron every day of his life. Three years down the road he is still alone living in their house with pictures of his late husband everywhere.

Enter Carson. Very hot and very in-the-closet cop. And fortunately both patient and determined to get close to Stephen and make him move on from the past.

This is like a 2-in-1 book. We get to follow Stephen twice as he meets true love and works towards his HEA. With the first part with Myron taking up quite a large part of the book I was worried I would get too attached and not be able to accept Stephen with someone else. But it worked. I bought into both of those relationships.

In addition to the sweet romance of the developing relationships, we got some very nice sexy scenes as well as a more dramatic storyline, which gave Carson the change to be Stephen’s knight in shining armour.

So yes, I will definitely read the sequel.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.