Dancing With The Tide

Dancing With The Tide - Neil S. Plakcy Aidan has gone through basic training and joined Liam in his bodyguard business. In book number two of the series they are sent of to Djerba to protect the young singer, Karif, who has received death threats after coming out.

Although most of the takes place in just one location, this is certainly no quiet romance. It has every bit of the adventure I expected after having read the first book; unknown enemies, guns and bombs, and a testosterone-fuelled pop start fresh out of the closet eager to live out his new freedom, so Aidan and Liam have their hands full. The small breaks from the stress of protecting their client are spent either getting hot and heavy on the sofa, in the shower or wherever or butting heads in minor jealousy dramas which I found quite endearing ;-).

I listened to the audiobook of this one. Narrator Stan Jenson did a fine job. I especially loved the various accents he added to different non-American characters.