(Watch Me) Break You (Run This Town, #1)

(Watch Me) Break You (Run This Town, #1) - Avril Ashton I've read quite a few lot of Avril Ashon's books recently and I love them.
(Watch Me) Break You is not part of the Brooklyn Sinners series but takes place in the same book universe. The two series have a lot of overlapping characters.

Whereas our gang in the Brooklyn Sinners seems to take some kind of pride in 'only' dealing weapons and not being involved in prostitution or drugs, this book takes everything a bit further.
Dima Zhirkov does it all. A mean-as-can-be gang leader not stepping back from doing his own dirty work or sampling his own goods.
Loads of tattoos all over his body (obviously!) and with a dresscode involving military boots. You get the picture - you do not want to meet him alone on a dark street.

But there is more to Dima than his outside appearance; behind closed doors he is controlled by a need for pain and a craving to submit to the right man if only he could find him.

Enter Xavier Storm and things get explosive. My words run fail me at this point.
Dima and X together is insanely powerful. It is bloody and painful. And it is raw and intense to an extent I have rarely experienced before.
Loved it!