Damian's Discipline

Damian's Discipline - K.C. Wells, Parker Williams I am not going to say too much – Dani already gave a perfect review of this one:

It was less angsty than some of the others in the series and it started out so slowly I should have been bored. But for some reason I wasn’t. It took the MCs forever to get together but that only made sense based on what Jeff had been through before coming to stay with Damian.

And once they did get together, they made sure to make up for lost time!

The ending was one amazing sapfest involving just about everyone from the previous books. You could argue that they all took too much page time away from Jeff and Damian, but I liked having them all in the story. They do all know each other so it doesn’t make sense to separate them too much between books.

And the best thing? We still have plenty of secondary characters left who would be worthy of their own stories – I do hope we get those.