The Captive

The Captive - Shannon West This is where the fun stops for me. This one should come with a warning. What happens in this part of the series is at the very minimum dub-con in my book. I did not like that. Cody is heartbroken and Jake things tracking his phone, jumping him, tying him up with a plug and a gag without speaking two sentences first is the perfect way to fix things. The scene made me very uncomfortable.

Oh, and the mixing up of the characters' names I mentioned in my review of the first book continues throughout the series. Example:

"Jake's lips tightened and he stroked a hand down the side of Jake's face."

Seriously? There is not even a complete line of text between the two names here? You don't even have to concentrate on reading that sentence to see there's something wrong with it.
Editing, people. We are paying money for this!