Rescued - Felice Stevens The blurb for this book is near perfect. Not much to add regarding the storyline.

After breaking off a loveless relationship with his girlfriend, Jason lets himself be pulled by his attraction to Ryder. They start out becoming friends but it quickly becomes clear there is more between them.
The two of them are increadibly sweet together - and dogs never hurt a story either.

The biggest issues in Jason and Ryder's lives are not so much their relationship. They have a few bumps in the road but that is solved rather easily. No so much the family thing.
Where family is concerned we get to see the two extremes; Jason may be a little nervous coming out to his family but he is not really worried. And especially his mother proves that his faith in his family is justified:
"I will never turn my back on one of my children, never. I love you, Jason, no matter who you love."

His brother Liam takes a little more convincing:
"I'm not asking for you to understand me. I'm asking you to stand by me. Support me. Who I choose to love isn't a group project. You don't get to decide what's right for me."

Ryder isn't so lucky with his family and in the middle of the awesome sweetness that is this book we have the bitchiest bitch I have ever come across in any book in the form or Ryder's mother:
"My name's Ryder, Mom. I'm you son too, remember?"
"I wish I could forget."

But then again, there has to be some kind of obstacle throughout a good book - makes the HEA even sweeter once we all make it that far.