Fire and Water

Fire and Water - Andrew  Grey I've read a couple of Andrew Grey's books already and I liked them. I got my HEA and there was next to no angst.
This one was a little bit different. There was still no angst as far as the relationship between the MCs is concerned, and that was just fine. I don't necessarily need that. The topic of Terry being gorgeous vs. Red's scars as described in the blurb did not come across quite that heavy in my opinion. Once Terry 'saw the light', he was in all the way.

Instead this turned into something of a thriller with Red's current drug case and Terry's nasty ex taking up a lot of space. The plot was not quite as simple as I thought (could be just me - I never ever know who dunnit when watching or reading crime stories!) and the whole thing turned into a bit of sitting-at-the-edge-of-my-seat read for me before everything was set right again.
So, a captivating crime story, sweet romance, some very steamy bedroom encounters and a perfect ending. I am happy.