Dirty Dining

Dirty Dining - E.M. Lynley I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Whereas this book is dipping its toe into rent boy territory, the backdrop for the story was new to me.
I enjoyed the concept of the Dinner Club. The very detailed descriptions of the dinners taking place there were hot. And everything that went on there was one hundred percent consensual. Still, it bothered me on some level. I get uncomfortable whenever there is money involved, but that is about my personal preferences.

Brice pretty much nailed it when he said
"I never understood why guys would pay for sex when they know the other person is only saying and doing those things for money."

Although there was a strong connection between Jeremy and Brice from the beginning, the money was still an issue for quite some time with Brice constantly wondering what was real between them and what wasn't.
The prostitution aspect was removed when they started seeing each other outside the club and romance took over. Very enjoyable. Despite their different backgrounds, Jeremy and Brice fit well together.

At least until about half way through, when the Dinner Club setting became nearly irrelevant leaving center stage to the storyline concerning their professional lives. Their jobs and different perspectives nearly brought their relationship to its knees. It was, however, too small of an issue to really be angsty or even very painful to read.

The ending. *sigh*. Can an ending be too sweet? Not in my book. Let's just say this one went completely Pretty Woman and I loved it!