Take the Long Way Home

Take the Long Way Home - J.A. Rock So, no. This one was not for me. I cannot completely rule out that I may simply be too old to get what's going on in the head of messed up teenager, but still. All we get in this entire book is Dresden's thoughts. And there are a lot of those. And they are everything between weird, sometimes funny and very often just sad and depressing.
"I just wish I knew what the point of me is. It seems like only a very few people make the world better by being in it. And the rest of us are just wasting time."

Nothing was happening in the book. Dresden is not a happy kid, but mostly he just appears numb. Like he is commenting on his life kind of passing by without him really participating. Even when he and Caleb have sex there is no heat, no 'seing stars' or anything. Not even an indication that Dresden really enjoys it. It just happens like anything else in his life.

Whis is, I suppose, somehow the core of his problems. Dresden is stuck without a plan and without goals. It takes a long time and for him to lose what he has with Caleb for him to realize that he actually has choices. That he has a say in how his life progresses. So at least I got a very nice ending with plenty of hope and a positive outlook on the future for Dresden and Caleb. But the rest of the book? Honestly? Increadibly well-written, but I was a little bored.