Memories of the Heart

Memories of the Heart - Felice Stevens My first thought after finishing this was: "How wonderful. Everything just as it's supposed to be."

My second thought was: "I miss my grandmother."

Although this was a romance between the sweet and kind-hearted Josh and the - at least in the beginning - not so very likeable Micah, it was also a story about family.
Whereas my grandmother used to be the core of our family holding everything together, Josh and Micah's grandmothers are their only family. The ones who will always be there for their grandsons when the rest of the family seems to not care a whole lot. And those two ladies are amazing. They are best friends and they have seen and heard enough crap in their lives to know what really counts. Josh and his grandmother Ethel are very close, but Micah has lost focus and forgotten what is important in life.
Through the intervention of Ethel, Micah starts reconnecting with Ruth and gets to know and get closer to Josh in the process.
Luckily, Josh seems to be blessed with a patience that can only be considered as beyond human, because it sure is a long and hard process to convince Micah that happiness is, in fact, obtainable.

I got the very sweet ending I have gotten used to from this author no, she did not kill anyone this time ;-)) and I am very much looking forward to the next book. Alex's story maybe? Keep'em coming Ms. Stevens.