Have A Little Faith In Me

Have A Little Faith In Me - Brad Vance There is immediate chemistry when Rocky and Dex meet for a brief moment on stage at a music festival.

After that the story jumps back in time to tell the stories of how they both ended up where they are today.
And that is where I always find myself in something close to a state of shock. Both men grew up in deeply religious surroundings in Southern USA. And that is so very far from anything I have ever known. Seen from the perspective of two boys growing up to realize they are gay, well, I guess I am quite glad fate dropped me at a completely different place on this planet!
Following Rocky's life under the rule of his father, the town reverend, more or less locked away from the outside world that might be a negative influence on him was hard. Dex's struggle to convince himself he felt nothing but friendship for his best friend and the the way he kept suppressing his true self for many years into adulthood was even more painful to watch.

The flashback to their childhood was a little bit too long. Still, seeing them finally shed their past and stepping out from the pressure put upon them by other people was liberating.