Power Play: Awakening

Power Play: Awakening - Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant This book was better than the first one in the series, at least for me.
But still a lot of things didn't sit quite right we me.

I realize that Jonathin is not just a Dominant. He is a sadist. Which takes the topic of pain further than what I am used to reading. That I can accept. But I truly hated how Brandon really was afraid of him. Really afraid!:

"I've every confidence you can do me proud tonight.
However...if you embarrass me in front of our guests, I will make you sorry. Clear?"
Raw fear flashed in Brandon's eyes. "Yes, Jonathan. Perfectly."

Raw fear has no business in any kind of relationship as far as I am concerned. D/s is about giving and taking on both sides, but real fear completely tips the balance of things. I hated that.

Towards the end something happened that really upset Brandon. Now, their arrangement had an expiration date. And the shit that went down had the power to potentially ruin Brandon's future career. It went way beyond their temporary contract. Brandon had every right to get upset and show his anger. He reacted like anyone might in that situation, yet it earned him one of the hardest punishments yet. That felt so wrong to me.

On a positive note, this book also had one of the most powerful scenes I have ever read;
Comfortable to read? - Not exactly.
Accurate/Realistic? - I have no idea not being in the lifestyle myself.
But definitely strong. The way it was described from Brandon's POV, his struggle with the pain, how he fought to use the pleasure to beat the pain, the was he was strong enough to ask Jonathan for help to get through the toughest part. Amazing scene that just left me drained.

All in all a mixed bag, unfortunately the things that made me uncomfortable outweighed the good parts.