In Front of God and Everyone

In Front of God and Everyone - Nealy Wagner I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Josh and Caleb grew up in a cult, more or less completely cut off from the rest of the world.
As long as they did as told, worked hard and kept any sinful thoughts to themselves, they were good. But eventually, a place with no outside influences or contact, where bigamy is the norm, will end up with a certain excess of bachelors and no use for them.

Josh and Caleb end up without a home, barely any money and nowhere to go in a world they know nothing about.

This could have turned into a very dark and angsty story. Instead we got a story that focused on the kindness of good people willing to help someone else for the simply reason that he needed help and they were able to give it.

The boys found a place to stay while trying to build a new life together. Their love for each other so pure and sweet. And so very strong you'd think it would beat anything. Only Caleb's guilt at having left a friend behind turned out to be too big an obstacle.
But again, good friends and Josh's fight them helped him see straight again.

Looking over at Josh again, my heart gave a squeeze. It was a privilege to wake up beside him.
And yesterday I'd somehow told him that it was something I could do without.
Not only was I an ungrateful asshole, I was an idiot, too.

Editing could have been a bit better (I noticed at least three cases of names getting mixed up) and although Caleb had run errands for the cult, I would have expected him to be just a little overwhelmed at the world outside. He did not really act like someone who had grown up so isolated.

Still a very nice read. I'll be looking out for the sequel.