Make Me Soar

Make Me Soar - K.C. Wells I knew this series had potential for more five-star stories. And here is one of them.
It was not only brilliant, it was also quite surprising.

Previous books in the series have already introduced us to Dorian - Collars & Cuffs' resident pain slut. He will do almost anything, take whatever a Dom dishes out, urging them to push him further in the hope someone will eventually push him over the edge and make him fly.
Yet nothing works. Seeing more and more members of the club finding love and pairing up only stresses Dorian's feeling that something is missing.

He leaves the known and safe environment of the club to continue his search elsewhere. The book turns very dark for a short while at this point. Sure, he finds something new, but let's just say it does not make things better for him.
Except it gives the people around him a chance to show him that he does have friends who care about him even if he has never really let anyone in.

Alan has watched Dorian from a distance; intrigued but not quite convinced Dorian would be worth his efforts. When he finally gets ready to make his first move, he is too late to stop Dorian from making the worst decision of this life. But he steps in to help Dorian through the aftermath.
The two of them start a D/s relationship which turns out to be nothing like what Dorian has known in the past surprising not only him but me as well - there is no sign of anything remotely resembling whips or floggers here.
Instead there is sensation, intimacy, sweet kisses and touches from his Dom that Dorian soon comes to crave.

"When I'm with you, like this, I feel... beautiful."

I loved this theme and the sensuality of their scenes pracically had me melt into a puddle of goo right alongside Dorian.

My only complaint is that Dorian did seem to get over his bad experience too easily considering what had happened. That experience and the state they found him in afterwards had traumatized-in-a-big-way written all over it. So, yeah, that bugged me a bit.
But their first scene together at the club restored my personal world order. Was it realistic? No idea, but I don't need it to be as long as I have beauty and romance.