Held Hostage

Held Hostage - Morticia Knight A free copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Brett has spend the last many years of his life travelling for his job. He has finally had enough of his lonely life and decides to take on a position as a store manager in the retail company he works for and settle down in Las Vegas.
He is not particularly fond of his job but he is good at it. Brett has taken care of other people all his life - be it customer or employees or his younger siblings years earlier when their parents failed to face up to their responsibility.

But one day shit hits the fan at the store and Brett is unable to protect the people around him.

Enter Cole. Well, actually the whole SWAT team shows up, but Cole is Brett's hero for the day.
And the next day when he shows up at the store again. An ex-soldier and current SWAT team member, Cole has seen plenty. But Brett is not used to guns being fired and people dying around him and is naturally still shaken from the previous day's events.
For once in his life Brett is ready for someone to take care of him.

Brett tried to ignore the voices in his head. The first one told him that Cole was only trying to help him out when he'd put his hand on Brett's ass. The second one said that Brett should tell Cole to watch where he put his hands. Brett liked the third one the best that told him he should beg Cole to put his hands wherever he wanted.
Take care of me, Cole. Make me forget.

Their first night together is full of passion and tenderness in equal measures with Brett discovering he has a previously unknown kinky side and Cole wondering why he suddenly feels like cuddling after the deed is done.

Despite their mutual attraction and something more Cole cannot quite define for himself, he makes it clear to Brett that he doesn't do relationships and Brett realises early on that he needs to stay away to keep from getting too close and getting his heart broken again.
This dilemma causes a fair amount of misery for both of them until another eventful day on the job brings Cole to admit that maybe he is ready to move on from his usual casual hookups.

Just like the previous books in the series this one is all kinds of hot. I mean, top trained SWAT team alpha male with a dominant kinky side. I am happy with that.