Don't Judge

Don't Judge - A.E. Via, Tina Adamski, Jay Aheer I really love this series. And it keeps getting better - and hotter.

Austin Michaels, a member of God & Day's task force, and bounty hunter Judge Josephson are forced to work together on catching a runaway criminal.
They are both used to being on their own. But where Austin is beginning to cave under the burden of loneliness, Judge is still insisting on not needing anyone in his life.

Sparks fly and they end up getting naked rather quickly. As in all of the books in this series, we are talking tough alphas and the kind of workout that leaves bruises. With a huge dose of that possessiveness I like so much:
"Man you taste so fuckin' good. You taste so rich and powerful, you taste like you're mine."

When things start to look as if they might be able move forward together, tragedy strikes and Judge pushes Austin away - and not exactly in a gentle way (that shit hurt, man!)

Austin's world is shattered and he barely functions, so when Judge finally comes to his senses, Day makes sure to tell him how they all feel about Judge messing up one of their friends:
"Day barked a humorless laugh. "Like... did you just say like? Judge you are way beyond me not liking you. You're not even standing close to the word like. You're standing two blocks from the corner of despise and hate."

So, yeah. Time to grovel. Big time. And he does. And all is well. And they get naked again. And believe me, that is a very good thing.