Better Than Safe

Better Than Safe - Lane Hayes Sometimes I am disappointed by a book. Perfectly normal, I guess. They cannot all be perfect.
This is one of those times. I enjoyed the first three books in this series a lot, but this one was nothing like them.
I had no issues with Paul. I liked Paul. But Seth? He spent a large chunk of the book being flaky and jerking Paul around.
In the second half of the book I kept wondering what kind of drug-induces trip I seemed to be on. I have no other way to describe Paul's thoughts and feelings. Nothing much happened, it was just thoughts and it was exhausting.
I did not see Paul and Seth actually connect. I was never really sure if Seth was really with Paul or not. I know that was kind of the whole thing about this story that Seth was this artist type you cannot tie down but I didn't like it. I just didn't feel the love.
Rounded up to three stars because it was still well-written and because, well, Aaron and Matt appeared a few times and I do love those two.