Part & Parcel

Part & Parcel - Abigail Roux Road trip with Sidewinder. And an awesome one. But how could it not be? Every time I pick up a Cut & Run or Sidewinder book it's like coming home. I still know and love these guys like none other.
This book was different in that all troubles and every fight were facing inwards; there were no bad guys to deal with. It was Sidewinder - with specific focus on Nick and Kelly - finding their way back to themselves. There was loads of pain and tears and plenty of laughs because - road trip with Sidewinder! All orchestrated from beyond the grave by Eli.
I was uncertain whether to give this book four or five stars and finally decided on all five after the happy sigh it left me with and all the fun I had along the way in-between the painful sessions of soul searching and working through pasts and secrets. And because, well, road trip with Sidewinder.
Still - I do want things to go 'boom' again in the next book.