Sub-Dominant - Sage Marlowe When Eric and Connor first meet, Connor is eighteen and a rather unlikeable, manipulative, spoiled brat. I really couldn't stand him. Apparently he is also absolutely gorgeous and Eric is just man. We all know what that means ;).
But whereas Connor is already well-acquanted with the submissive inside him, Eric cannot get past his own issues to take on the dominant role between them.
Things don't really end well at this stage and there is a time jump. I am normally not happy about those but it was necessary here. I could not see any way for Eric and eighteen-year-old Connor to work.

Years later, they get a second chance. Connor is still manipulative but has done a lot of growing up. And after a serious WTF moment, I could begin to accept that Tyler Kane had stepped in and was now also playing a role in the relationship.
The last part of the book gets seriously kinky threesomes, objectification, sounding, DP and very hot. I would, however, have liked more details on the development of the emotional side of their relationship.