Lonely Hearts

Lonely Hearts - Heidi Cullinan, Iggy Toma Baz and Elijah are without question the most broken characters in this series. They've been through shit in their young lives no one should have to endure in a lifetime. So maybe there were reasons for their behaviour. It still didn't prevent me from feeling more than uncomfortable with their attitude to how to 'enhance the fun' - too much alcohol and prescription drugs in this book for my liking.
The getting together and staying together was a struggle; there was a constant push-pull going on for a long time. Neither of them daring to believe they might be able to make something real between them. It kind of hurt to watch how hard they had to work and how hurtful especially Elijah could be in an attempt to guard himself from heartbreak.
Of course they made it through to their well-earned happy ending surrounded by all their friends. And as much as I required happiness as the final state in my books, part of this was a bit too much for me Elijah going from regular abuser of prescription drugs, alcohol and lord knows how many packs of cigarettes a day to full-on vegan in pretty much a day?! And all their friends along with him? Just like that a whole house of students decide they can easily live without melted cheese on their pizzas? Right, not likely. Nice idea, though.