Promises Part 2

Promises Part 2 - A.E. Via, Jay Adheer, Tina Adamski A copy of this book was provided by the author for free in exchange for an honest review.

Dr. Cayson Chauncey and bounty hunter Roman Webb (aka Quick) met briefly in book one. Cayson was immediately attracted to Quick and made a move - it did not go well.
Basically the story of Cayson's love life so far. He has never managed to find the one; the man to share every aspect of his life with. One who will not only be with him but be with him proudly and openly. While waiting and hoping that maybe one day 'he' will come along, Cayson spends his days working while having a kind of friends-with-benefits arrangement with one of his co-workers. His very closeted co-worker who not only cannot handle the thought of his family finding out he is gay, but who has taking those fears so far he is practically in denial about it himself.

Roman was married a long time ago. He has always known he is bi but has never met a man who interested him enough to explore that side of himself. Until he met Cayson Chauncey. Unfortunately he was so stunned at the good doctor's interest in him, he shot down the advances so quickly Cayson is no convinced Roman is straight.
It takes some effort and a lot of coaching from his business partner Duke and his son Vaughan to get Roman to the point of asking Cayson on a date. Cayson is a little skittish, not sure yet that Roman is for real and he has sworn to himself he will never again be someone's doormat or dirty secret.
Luckily, Roman is nothing if not persistent when there is something he wants. And it's not like Cayson isn't still more than interested in him. There is plenty of tension here while Roman is on his best behaviour to show Cayson he wants everything with him and not just a quick roll in the sack and Cayson keeps fighting his own urges trying to wait while Roman proves himself when all he really wants is to drop his pants and bend over.
This part of the book is quite sweet and romantic - nothing like a big, strong, alpha-male falling in love! And when they finally do give in? Oh, yes - hot! Loved it. Cayson is nowhere near as strong and muscle-packed as Roman but he is no pushover or weakling and he knows what he wants.

Luckily for the story, our two lovebirds are not alone in the universe - there are bad guys out there. With Roman working a sometimes dangerous job involving plenty of violence, it would not have been a surprise if someone from his past jobs would have shown up with a grudge. That is not the case, though. Instead, trouble arises from Cayson's corner of the world. There is a nice buildup throughout the story so it's not a big surprise when the boys and their friends themselves in hot water towards the end, still the not knowing exactly how the culprit would strike kept me more than captivated all the way through.
All in all I was not disappointed; I got the every bit of the romance mixed with both sugary sweetness and fast action I have come to rely on from A.E. Via. Looking forward to more.