Misinformation - Keelan Ellis I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Ethan Daniels had a job he loved at a TV news program in Philadelphia. But when his ex-wife decided to move with their daughter, Ethan followed them to New York accepting an offer from ECHO News. His new employer is conservative, supporting views and ideologies that are in sharp contrast to Ethan's own. Their stance on homo- or bisexuality affecting him directly since he has known for most of his life that he is attracted to both men and women.
But Ethan will do whatever it takes to be near his daughter and be a part of her life. So he blocks out the conflict. He has managed to convince himself that he can simply be a guy doing his job and leave his personal feelings out of it.
Ethan hasn't really dated anyone since his divorce and he is trying hard convincing himself it's because he just isn't ready yet and that it has nothing to do with his sexuality pulling him more towards men - a concept he cannot afford to explore if he wants his work contract renewed.
I like that Ethan is not in any kind of denial as to who he is and what he wants. He has simply made a conscious decision that it does not mesh with his job and that he needs the job as it enables him to be near his daughter.

Charlie Woods, his daughter's teacher, is out and proud. There is an instant connection when he and Ethan meet. Charlie never considered having a serious relationship, but he cannot seem to let go of Ethan.
With Charlie being completely open about his sexuality and Ethan anything but, conflict is, of course, on the agenda. Charlie makes Ethan want things he never knew he missed, but he is afraid of the consequences if he takes the plunge.

This book is a 'quiet' book. There is no real angst or drama. It's about two men meeting and finding out little by little that the lives they've lived until now and thought they loved don't really hold much appeal anymore. It's about realising they want something else. Something more and that at some point they have to jump in and take a chance.
So no, there really is no elaborate storyline of plot here - something that holds a lot of potential for extreme boredom - but I really enjoyed it. Charlie and Ethan seemed like opposites but they fit. And seeing their relationship develop gave me a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling.