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Let Me In - Luna David

When the boy finally looked into his eyes, he blinked and shook his head slowly then opened his eyes again, as if not believing what he was seeing. He tried to speak but couldn’t, finally managing a whisper that Cash felt pierce his heart. That one word affecting him more than it ever had. The emotion of it, the sheer desperation of it, was almost his undoing.

— feeling big smile
A Little Bit Like Love (South Haven  Book 1) - Brooke Blaine

Amazing second chance romance. It had it all – great guys, old and new hurts and the required HEA.

And I didn’t even have to rant about bastards being forgiven for the unforgivable, so that was an added bonus. :)

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The Half of Us - Cardeno C., Ezekiel Robison

“Dammit, Abe!” Jason yelled as he tightened his fingers around the steering wheel. “I am too tired to fight right now. I’ve been working like a maniac all week. I almost lost a patient. I came in at six thirty this morning. It’s after nine and I’m only now leaving. I’ve been living off cafeteria food and I haven’t seen the sun in days. And despite all that, I kept my dick in my pants because if I don’t, you won’t swallow, so I don’t think it’s too much to ask you to stop whatever it is you’re doing and get to my place so I can get fucking laid!”



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A Little Bit Like Love (South Haven  Book 1) - Brooke Blaine

“Please just tell me what’s wrong. Don’t make me beg.”

“Beg?” I whirled around and pinned him against the refrigerator door so fast that he didn’t have time to blink. “Beg? You should fucking beg. Beg for my forgiveness; beg me not to kick your ass all the way back to Connecticut right now. Come on, beg for me, Jackson. Goddamn beg.”

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A Little Bit Like Love (South Haven  Book 1) - Brooke Blaine

Even with his face covered by protective gear and facing away from me, I could tell by the way the red flannel shirt he wore stretched against his strong back and how the snug fit of his jeans only enhanced his ass--Wait. Shit.



Nah, Jackson. You’re right. Not gay. Not even a little bit...

You Never Know - Mary Calmes, Greg Tremblay

This book was a bit disappointing for me. I guess that's the problem when authors have set the bar really high in the past like Mary Calmes has. Readers get spoiled ;-)

My issues with this one were with the MCs, which is never a good thing.
Since Mitch left many years ago, Hagen has been to war and back and is now living a quite existence in his hometown. He starts a friends with benefits thing with Ash which takes up a lot of page time. I was ok with Hagen so far, but when Ash wants more, Hagen just waffles, refuses any clear statements, and is generally just insanely annoying.
And then there is Mitch who was a total douche when he left back then. Hagen does get the apology eventually, but it takes way too long. And until then, Mitch basically waltzes in with an arrogance that made me want to slap him, portraying himself as the top prize in life's lottery. Yuck!

Saving it a bit was - as always - Greg Tremblay and little bits of dialog like this:

“I want the words. Gimme the goddamn words,” he rasped before catching his breath. I had never heard such desperation from him, not ever.
“You always push.”
“You can’t just—”
“I can and I will because you’re my one shot at the forever thing and we both know it. It has to be you, Hage. It was always you.”

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Starting Point - N.R. Walker

Kira acknowledged what I said with a small nod, then he smiled at Claude. “What are you two making?
“Dinner,” she replied. “Matt said I got to choose.”
He glanced around the kitchen. “And you chose mess?”
“I chose spaghetti and meat sauce. Matt made the mess.”

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Breaking Point - N.R. Walker

I sat at the kitchen counter while he made us dinner of grilled cheese on toast and talked about his day. I pretended my eye, head, and ribs didn’t hurt, that I wasn’t lying to him, that I didn’t feel guilty, just so I could see him smile.



I could use some pain relief right about now - this is getting hard.

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Dex in Blue - Sean Crisden, Amy Lane

”I just kept being afraid that I’d wake up and you’d be gone,” he said softly. “I don’t know how to make it so I know that’ll never happen, but if telling people I’m gay and you’re mine is the way to do that, then fine. I don’t care. Whatever you want. I just need us to keep waking up in the same bed, David. I need to know you’ll be there when I go to sleep. Good day, shitty day, the only thing I want at the end of it is for you to be there when I go to sleep. You tell me how to make that happen.”

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Dex in Blue - Sean Crisden, Amy Lane

“I know I’m a guy, so I’m just a piece of ass to you, but that’s not what’s happening to me, all right?

I’m getting feelings. I’m getting attached. But all that shit you’re doing that’s making me fall for you, that’s just boy-sex stuff to you and it’s killing me. I just got out of a relationship where I was in love with the guy who used me for a booty call. I’m not doing it again! It fucking hurts!”

Red Dirt Heart Imago (Volume 3) - N.R. Walker

Perfect crossover with all the fluff and laughs to be expected from these characters. Four stars for the story and and extra one for Charlie and Travis; I hadn't realized just how much I wanted to see them again.

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Throwing Stones  - Avery Cockburn

“Those rocks we obsess over, we’re seeing them in the raw in the place they were born. It’s like going to Bethlehem or something.”
“It does feel sacred,” Oliver said.
Garen looked up at him. “Will you give us a prayer?”
“Oh jeez, no.” Oliver took a step back. “I’m not really a praying person.”
“But you’re Canadian,” Garen said. “That makes you like a high priest of curling.”

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Throwing Stones  - Avery Cockburn

“You’ve all lost the plot.” Luca jammed his coffee into the cup holder and put the MPV into reverse. “We’ll go to this tournament and curl the best we can, and we’ll forget about Team Boyd until it’s time to meet them on the ice.”
“Okay,” Ross said. “Except we’re on a boat with them to Ailsa Craig in an hour.”

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Throwing Stones  - Avery Cockburn

Under the rustle of plastic he heard Luca murmur, “Nova Scotia.”
Luca pointed to the emblem on the bag beside Oliver’s chair. “It means ‘New Scotland,’ aye?”
“Aye. I mean, yeah.” Oliver sucked his lollipop and kicked his tired brain into banter mode. “New and improved.”
Luca gasped. “Ooh, sassy. I thought Canadians were meant to be nice.”
“And I thought Glaswegians were meant to be obnoxious. Oh, wait.”

Chase in Shadow - Amy Lane, Sean Crisden

I finished this two days ago and I am still surprised at how I am left with such a positive overall impression considering how much I loathed Chase and his actions throughout most of it.

Based on what is already in the blurb, it’s hardly spoilerish to mention that Chase spends most of this book cheating on his girlfriend. And for some reason the mere fact that there was cheating didn’t bother me as much as it generally does. No idea how Amy Lane managed that?!

What does bother me in general, and in Chase’s case in particular, is the idea of a closeted gay man stringing an unsuspecting girlfriend along for years. And we don’t even get any justification from her being a bitch or a bad person in any way. On the contrary, Chase constantly goes on about how she is the sweetest, kindest person ever who deserves so much better. And yet, even though he himself is miserable, even though Tommy loves him and wants to be with him and even though Mercy deserves better, it does not occur to him even once that there is a very simply solution to making things better for everyone.

Apparently Chases many hangups and his inability to break up with his girlfriend are all rooted in various issues locked inside his brain and dating all the way back to his childhood. This is all really well done but as much as I believe that childhood trauma can affect a person throughout the rest of their lives, I still did not buy it as an explanation let alone an excuse for how Chase treated the people who love him.

So why is it that I still think Chase is a nice guy and I still loved this book? One of life’s mysteries, I guess. And Sean Crisden, of course. Let’s not forget him – totally awesome job on the narration.

Kiss Your Scars - Avril Ashton

This book is undeniably Avril Ashton; her men love with an intensity I rarely get to experience. It's raw, brutal and beautiful. And no one can make criminals likeable like she can ;-)

Kiss Your Scars does have references to some really nasty shit in Renzo's past, but it still didn't quite pack the emotional punch I've gotten from most of her other books. It's still a great read and I cannot wait to get to know Renzo's friends in the next series.

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