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Ready For Love  - Stella Starling

”Did you know pandas have one of the highest bite forces of any land animal? Zach was showing me some gruesome pictures of some dude’s leg in Beijing. He wanted to pet the panda, too, and then? Got totally mangled by a panda. His flesh was just gone. That big head the panda has? Those jaws just shredded the guy. His leg looked like some kind of Walking Dead zombie action, and...”

Jake hit Gabe in the shoulder. Hard. “Gross. Pandas are cute. Don’t ruin it."


Yeah, Gabe - don't ruin it :-)


Tease - Ella Frank

Tate and Logan's story was done. There wasn't really anything missing so I was very surprised to see a fourth book in the series. And I was even more surprised that although I was right - apparently there wasn't much else to tell. Nothing much happened in this book - I was not bored for one second of it. Maybe it's just the characters; Logan and Tate are both amazing on their own and quite spectacular together. So I love reading about them even when not a lot is happening in terms of a story.

Their Life As They Live It: (Perspectives #4) - A.C. Arthur

I did not expect any more books in the Perspectives series, so this one was a surprise. And a nice one too.

I don't normally read stories that take place largely in the past, but having met Bear and Richard in the previous books, I loved going back and follow these two amazing men finding their way to each other. It was a tough ride for them and I did not entirely agree with Bear's choices, but once acknowledged, the love they shared was dripping from every page.
This turned out to be my favorite book in the series.

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Redeeming Hope  - Shell Taylor, Drew Rosenberg

"Why do you know more about cars than I do?” “I don’t know. Why do I dress better than you? You’re supposed to be gay. Show a little respect for the stereotype."


I totally love Adam's sister :-)

Call the Coroner - Avril Ashton

I was almost afraid to pick this one up. I believe Avril Ashton said somewhere this would be her darkest one yet, and that's saying something coming from her, so I wasn't sure if maybe it would be more than I can handle.
In addition, the blurb sent my mind into crazy thoughts like "omg - are we going Stockholm Syndrome here?" which did not exactly increase my desire to read this book.
Last but not least, the MCs Daniel Nieto and Stavros Konstantinou are not unknown to readers of Ashton's books. Now, her MCs are usually not good guys in the common sense of the word. They are criminals. And we still love them. But these guys here were different. I admit to not remembering much about Daniel, but I do remember Stavros and I just could not imagine how the author would make him in anyway someone I could get to care about.

I should have known better, obviously. I have read so many of Ashton's books already and I loved them all.

The warning about this one being dark was justified. It was brutal - the violent, bloody kind. And it was the most insane enemies to lovers rollercoaster ride imaginable.
Stavros took everything Daniel threw at him in terms of physical torture and you might want to really read the warnings - we got that in great detail! He only became vulnerable once his heart got involved:


Ice gripped his chest, the cold shocking a gasp from him. This was loss, shaking his body and rattling his teeth. This was heartbreak, the searing pain that made his entire being curl in on itself.
This was pain.
Daniel Nieto had finally broken him.


Wracked with guilt towards his dead wife, badass cartel boss Daniel Nieto had to struggle even harder to accept that he wanted Stavros. But once he caved, he was all in:


Sometimes sacrifice meant sticking it out. Sometimes it meant letting yourself take what would make you happy even if it would make someone else sad. He'd had to say goodbye once.
There would be no second time.


Another amazing addition to the series. And now there is only one more left :-(.

Benched #6: Rain Delay - Misha Horne

I love Kyle and Juno but this one was a bit too much talking and not enough doing. The character development throughout the series is nice, but I want more of the hot stuff than I got in this book - preferably with better editing/less typos.

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Summer Lessons - Amy Lane

“Dating? We’re not… wait—we’re just playing sports together and… I mean, dating, don’t you have to go on…. What’s it called what we’re doing, anyway?”
Oh dear.
“Dating, Jefferson. You have chosen dates and times to meet and engage in both platonic and nonplatonic activities. That’s dating.”
Terry’s skeptical grunt echoed through the living room. “Why in the hell would your brother want to date me when he can fuck me for free?”



Oh Terry - you sure need some love in your life

The Game Changer - Greg Tremblay, Kay Simone, Kay Simone

Malcolm Rodgers is the star quarterback and leader of his team. He has been on top of the game for years and is known as ‘The Golden Boy’.

Everything is going fine; he makes millions playing a game he loves and by doing so is able to take care of his family. Making sure they have everything they need is his number one priority and has been since his father died years earlier. On top of this, he engaged to a woman who fits perfectly into the life he has built for himself.


All perfect, until the day Malcolm is injured on the field and forced to spend his days in physical therapy rather than on the football field.

He is assigned the team’s top therapist, out and proud Vance Coberly.

Spending weeks together in the physio center the two men start bonding and build a friendship that continues to grow. Malcolm comes to realize that he doesn’t really have any friends outside of football and Vance has been just as isolated spending all his time either working or in the garage restoring old cars with the only other friend he has.

Vance hasn’t had much luck dating and Malcom’s ends up alone as well after his fiancée breaks off the engagement. Although a part of him is heartbroken, he quickly begins to see that she was right when saying they weren’t right for each other.

It’s all quite predictable; Vance is there for Malcolm after his relationship crashes and pretty soon they acknowledge that there is more than friendship between them.


I loved that Malcolm did not freak out. He just accepted that he was drawn to Vance and wanted to be with him. Of course there were obstacles including one of my top annoyances

I really do not like when one guy flips his shit, completely overreacts or is generally in the wrong as I see it and shortly after it’s the other guy who ends up feeling guilty and apologizing.

(show spoiler)

but they got there and it was very sweet.



This book was fairly long and it took a long time before the guys got together. It should have been boring but I enjoyed every minute. I have a strong feeling narrator Greg Tremblay had a lot to do with that :)

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The Cowboy Poet - Claire Thompson

The heat and passion they’d shared the night before was cloaked by the long-ingrained habit of keeping their true feelings and orientation close to the vest – a survival instinct as natural to most gay men in rural Texas as breathing.


Sigh! Not exactly anything new about this. Still hurts every time...

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Strong Signal - Megan Erickson, Santino Hassell

What if he thought I looked like some military psycho? Or worse – a hipster, thanks to this beard?


Because nothing is worse than looking like a hipster? LOL

An Officer's Submission - Christa Tomlinson

This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Clay Foster and Logan Pierce got together in a D/s relationship in the first book of this series. Whereas Logan had been in the scene for years, discovering and exploring his submissive side was new to Clay and he struggled quite a bit with it initially.

As the blurb for An Officer's Submission says, it starts out with Clay and Logan settled quite well into their relationship. You could read this book as a standalone and just start out with Clay and Logan as an established couple. But although I personally had some issues with the first book, I still recommend reading them all in order. They are all worth it.

I was curious to see if I would find some of the same issues in An Officer's Submission as I did in The Sergeant where both Clay and Logan showed some frankly stupid behavior causing several cases of eye-rolling on my part. I am very happy to report there was none of that here.
We get to really see the connection between the two when they scene together - the D/s scenes are generally absolutely amazing throughout this entire series.

"The rope slid over his skin roughly, yet seemed to tantalize him softly. And he gave himself up to all of it. All of it led to that delicious loss of control that let him relax and just float, knowing that Logan would keep him anchored."

They still keep that part of their relationship private and the agreement is that Logan only gets to be in charge as Clay's Dom in the bedroom.
This works fine as long as everything else in their everyday life is fine. But when shit goes down at work, Clay more or less falls apart. His insecurities surface again and he withdraws into himself leaving Logan torn between giving him space and wanting to jump in and take control to fix things for his sub. Watching Clay struggle with everything is heartbreaking. Luckily he has a Dom who seems to know just how far he can go and knows when to push the boundaries of their agreement to give Clay what he needs even when he is not yet ready to admit to it.
So Logan makes it clear that he is not going to stand by and watch Clay self-destruct. He steps in and is there for his sub who comes out the other side stronger than ever with complete confidence in who he is and his place with Logan.

"He could be a cop, a bad ass SWAT officer, and still be submissive. It didn't make him weak or less of a man to let someone else take the lead for him. He was strong enough to admit what he wanted, what made him happy. And if anybody had a problem with it, he had a middle finger he'd be happy to show them."


I loved this one. Definitely the best book in the series.

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Chase the Sun - Christina  Lee, Nyrae Dawn, Tyler Stevens, Iggy Toma

Iggy Toma and Tyler Stevens? All in one book?  There is no way this will not be good - give it to me!


Kiss and Tell - Andrea Dalling, Celia Stratford

Sigh. This book was just exhausting. Or I just caught it at a bad time. It's the second one in a row I've been reading where someone flips his shit in jealousy for no apparent reason. I absolutely love the concept of a guy being possessive if it comes from a place of love and pride in a lover (nothing hotter than the word "Mine" in the right context). Not the jealousy version as was the case here.

Lamar and Ty are engaged and there is no question that they love each other and we get some very nice hot scenes with Ty submitting to Lamar.
And then Lamar's insecurities surface which makes Ty not really want to mention that he is working closely with his ex on a class project. Lamar still finds out and the result it not pretty. At that point I was thinking something in the line of "If that's all it takes for you explode like that, then good luck with that marriage when serious things happen in the future".
Lamar's friend Nick phrased it quite accurately:
"Maybe you two just aren't ready to be engaged."

Of course, things work out in the end, but I was not a big fan of Lamar at that point.

Reading progress update: I've read 45%.

The Sergeant - Christa Tomlinson

You’ve got an awful sassy mouth for a sub.”


Clay snorted a laugh. “You ought to know by now that I’ve got a lot more to say than just, ‘Yes, Sir’ and ‘No, Sir.’” Then he brought his hand up and caressed Logan’s chest.

“But how ‘bout this? I love you, Sir.”

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The Sergeant - Christa Tomlinson

“Kneel. Head bowed, hands on your knees, palms up.”
Clay complied, dropping slowly down to kneel at Logan’s feet. He waited for the burn of humiliation but all he felt was curiosity to see what Logan would do next. As well as a strange feeling that this is where he was supposed to be.

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The Sergeant - Christa Tomlinson

“Maybe you’d better be sure of what you want. Because if I kiss you and get my hands on you tonight, I am not letting you go again. Do you understand?”

Logan waited for Clay’s answer, his heart thundering, reminding himself over and over to wait for Clay to decide before he kissed him. He watched as Clay sucked that full bottom lip into his mouth. Finally, he nodded.

“Yeah, Logan, I want you to kiss me again.”

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