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Cross & Crown - Abigail Roux, Brock Thompson

Nick tried to give him a reassuring smile, but he knew himself well enough to know that when he smiled, it rarely reassured anyone.

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Alpha Barman  - Sue  Brown, Greg Boudreaux

Rereading in preparation for Alpha Chef. This time in audio. And with Greg Boudreaux narrating, that won't be a hardship :-)



Owning It  - Devon McCormack, Riley Hart, Michael Pauley

I really liked Derek in the first books but this one was too much.


He jokes and talks about sex non-stop to keep people from seeing through the mask. To keep them from getting to know the real him.


Luckily, Jackson doesn’t keep his distance and keeps working on Derek’s walls. Once he finally gets through and we get to see more of the real Derek, it’s all good. They are good together – I liked the age difference and the Daddy/boy dynamic they had going on. But the most part of the book, we saw Derek as he has presented himself to the world for years.

Boy, if there ever was a guy with a one-track mind. It is nearly impossible for anyone to have a normal conversation with the man. Everything is turned towards sex and flirting. I felt nothing but annoyance and exhaustion.


Although this book was disappointing, I will definitely be jumping on Frankie and Evan’s story. Those two sound promising.

Sweet Thing - Isobel Starling

This books starts with Simeon preparing to rebuild his life after treatment at a rehab facility. While he is prepared to fight his addiction to drugs and alcohol, he sticks with his usual pattern of quick hookups and generally meaningless sex. It's all he has ever known. And since he could never have his best friend, he has never wanted anything more with anyone.
Until he meets Bastian Roth. Bastian is grieving for a lost lover and struggling to move on. After a rough start, the two start building a relationship.
So far, so good. And then it turned less good! The secrets that come out later regarding people in Bastian's past were just too much. I struggled not to roll my eyes.
After some drama, the ending was sweet enough.
Normally, I would just mark it as read, enter my rating and move on. But I have an agreement with myself that if I go lower than three stars, I write something to explain why.
The main reason I cannot give a higher rating was a couple of things that annoyed me with the writing. It was repetitive in how many times Sim was pouting and in how he was constantly referred to as 'the male model'. First of all, he's a man and he's a model. You do not need the 'male' mentioned every time. Secondly, this reference created an odd distance; Bastian wasn't just looking at 'him' or at 'Sim' - he was looking at the male model sitting on the couch opposite. Like he was some stranger. (I made this example up to try and explain the issue, not sure if there was ever a scene exactly like that).
Even worse were the non-English dialogue parts. There was German in there and there was French. And not just a word here or there but complete sentences which were then translated into English in brackets after the non-English parts. So you fly over the parts you don't understand to get to the translation. And if you do understand the German or French, you tend to still read the English so you read the same text twice. It completely ruins the flow and there are much more elegant ways to describe that a character says something in another language.
Last but not least: If you need to put something in there in a different language, do have someone edit it who actually speaks that language. I don't know about the French but the German was cringeworthy and downright abysmal. Just throwing German lines in there and not making the effort to make sure they are correct? Well, to be honest, to me it feels disrespectful somehow.

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Dirty Games - Barbara Elsborg

“What the hell do you have in there?”

“My favourite dildo, toothbrush, pyjamas and a dummies guide to fisting. Oh and my pony play equipment.”

“I’m not sure whether I want you to be joking or not.”

Promises  - A.E. Via

This is A.E. Via as we know her. And that is a good thing!

The Bounty Hunters are all a bunch of big, strong, tough-guy alphas and when they pair up outside of work things get hot and explosive. Dana and Ford are no exception. They’ve been dancing around each other for years before the current between them finally gets to too strong to ignore and they jump in with both feet.

Of course, this is the Bounty Hunters, so there are also bad guys and plenty of gun power. The usual highly entertaining action-movie-in-a-book which I happen to like a lot.

However - apologies to Dana and Ford – but the very best part of this book were the hints/glimpses of Brian’s story which I so want to have. Like right now....

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Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux, J.T. Harding

“It’s all right, lads, daddy’s here,” Liam drawled. He stepped up to the door, digging in the backpack he was carrying.
“What are you doing?” Nick asked.
“Blowing your mind, love.” Liam pulled out two small squares of off-white clay.
“Is that C4?” Zane asked.
“PE4, thank you very much.” Liam molded the plastic explosive against the hinges of the door.
“You don’t really understand going under the radar, do you?” Nick grumbled.
“You Recon boys sneak under the radar,” Liam said as he set the charges. “The Special Air Service gets shit done.”
Owen raised an eyebrow at Nick. “If you want to hit him again, I’ll hold him down.”



Harding's British voice for Liam is just perfect :)

Reading progress update: I've read 75%.

Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux, J.T. Harding

“Maybe he’s hiding,” Zane said. “Maybe he can’t talk.”
“Yes, we’ll go with that,” Liam said, sarcasm dripping from his words.
Nick stared at him for a long moment, and when Liam met his eyes, Nick hit him. Liam tumbled to the sidewalk as everyone else watched impassively.
Digger patted Nick’s shoulder. “Me too, brother.”



Is it wrong that I love Liam? :)

Reading progress update: I've read 75%.

Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux, J.T. Harding

The change that came over Nick O’Flaherty was almost frightening. His face hardened, his eyes going a deep, striking green when he lowered his head. He glanced at Owen and Digger, and both men nodded at some unspoken communication.
Nick headed off toward the exit, Owen and Digger on his heels.
“Oh dear,” Liam said with a sigh.
“What the hell just happened?” Zane asked.
“You flipped the wrong switch in that one. I think we’ve just landed the job of white knight,” Liam grumbled. He started after them at a jog. “Let’s go save the girl from the rabid Yank Marines."

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Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux, J.T. Harding

“You’re asking us to think like Ty?” Owen snorted. “I don’t think that’s possible; my brain isn’t powered by squirrels on treadmills.”

Reunion - Eden Winters

As the supposedly last book in this amazing series this was a bittersweet reunion with one of my favorite couples. They've come along way. Especially this now nearly domesticated version of Lucky is a far cry from the 'I do everything alone' hardnosed ex-criminal we got to know early on the series.
This Lucky is a man who is learning the value friendship and a man giving serious thought to how he can be the best partner possible to the man he loves.
Lucky and Bo are rock-solid here, which I absolutely loved to see.
This book is tying up loose ends and about family. Specifically Lucky's family who disowned him when he was sent to prison twelve years earlier. But things are not what they seemed back then and secrets come out along with betrayal.
And this wouldn't be Bo and Lucky if we didn't have at least one attempt from someone at trying to kill one or both of them.
So yes, this book had it all.
Except.... a much needed epilogue. There is enough here for the reader to know they have their HEA. But I want to see it. The ending was too short, too much left not spelled out. And I want that; all the fluff and sappiness. On page. I missed that here.

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Cask Strength - Layla Reyne

Well, I kind of had the plan to just read this second book now and save the 3rd for a bit.

I’m starting to think that was somewhat naive... (*rushing off to buy book 3*)

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Stars & Stripes - J. F. Harding, Abigail Roux

“It’s funny, you know?” Ty said. “How much things have changed.”
“What do you mean?”
“A couple years ago, at this point in the night, I’d be back in that bar with someone in the supply closet.”
Zane snorted and shook his head. “And now you just have to go home with me.”
“No,” Ty said, serious as he stopped and turned to look at Zane. “I don’t have to go home with you.”
Zane raised an eyebrow and cocked his head.
“I can’t wait to get home with you.

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Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux, Sean Crisden

“And these are their… friends, Julian and Cameron,” Deuce said as he waved at the other two men.
“Nice to meet you,” Cameron mumbled.
She greeted them each, overwhelmed by the surprise, then looked at the doorknob and the string of straws, shaking her head. “What is all this?”
“It was a security measure. We’re running from the CIA,” Ty told her, not even attempting to spare her. “They’re trying to kill us.”
“Well, kill him, specifically,” Zane added as he pointed at Julian.
“I sell antiques,” Julian said, monotone.
She narrowed her eyes, looking amongst them and then at Deuce. “Is this some sort of boys’ weekend that I’m not supposed to intrude on? Because I can totally leave before they hurt themselves trying to lie convincingly.”

Reading progress update: I've read 75%.

Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux, Sean Crisden

Deuce glanced at him before turning his attention back to Zane and Julian. "Dare I ask what you've done to deserve protective custody?" he asked Julian.
"I deal antiques," Julian answered in a soft voice.
Deuce nodded, looking Julian up and down. He turned his head to look at Ty speculatively. "That's a euphemism for 'I kill things', isn't it?"
Ty closed his eyes and nodded.

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Secrets of You - Skylar M. Cates

“Forget it,“ Marc had said, snorting, when he caught Morgan staring. “River won’t ever go for you because River won’t go for anybody.” He dug into his lunch. “Have a cookie instead.”

“Like that will help. What am I? In fucking kindergarten?”

“They’re homemade.”

Morgan paused. “Maybe just one.”

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