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Embers - Kate Sherwood

“Why’d you really come by here tonight?” Jericho asked, trying to keep his voice level.
Wade’s smile was a horrible mix of sweetness, regret, and ironic detachment. “I can have multiple motivations, Jay.”
The knock at the front door was the only thing that kept Jericho from punching the duplicitous bastard in the face.


Too bad. Time to stop being a f.... doormat!

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Mapping the Forest - Brandon Witt

”We are so going to the grocery store in the morning.”

“What’s wrong with the butter?”

“It’s I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” I tapped the words. “It announces the problem right there. Not. Butter. It’s a good thing I’ve already fallen for you, or I’m afraid I’d have to end things right now. That or push you off a mountain.”

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Mapping the Forest - Brandon Witt

She waved me off. “Nah, we’re fine. Luke’s all talk. He’s a bastard, but all smoke and no fire. Plus, I’m not his type. I’m not blonde, and I’m hardly a size eight.”

“I’m not so sure of that.” Worry already began to gnaw at me.

“No, trust me, Gabe. I’d know if I was a size eight. I’m not.”

Hiatus - L.A. Witt, Greg Boudreaux

There is a standard pattern to many of the books I read: guy meets guy, there is attraction, they get together, bad shit happens - this is the beginning of why I personally refer to as the 'pain phase' - obstacles are conquered, HEA. End of story.
Hiatus was different. The bad shit happened in chapter one! So this was basically a whole book of pain. Which made it tough to read. But it was also very well done - I really felt for these guys. And I felt their pain; there was so much love between them and so much desperation over not being able to fix things. I did have a problem with how long it took to start fixing things, though.

Therapy. Believe in it or not, but if you really want to save your marriage and feel you have tried everything else, you f... go to therapy/counselling. If not, I do not buy your willingness to really try when there is just one option left untried.

(show spoiler)

The ending was worth it, yet I am not sure I would have made it through so much hurt if it hadn't been for the excellent (as always!) narration by Greg Tremblay.

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Femme - Marshall Thornton, Joel Leslie

“Mom, you’re not exactly thrilled about this yourself.”
“I’ve had a very busy twenty-four hours. And I’ve come a long way. Last night I was on the same shift with Juan Hernandez. He’s a gay, and he explained a lot of things to me. He told me all about bears and otters and wolves and cubs and polar bears, and—oh my God you boys like your wild animals, don’t you?”

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Femme - Marshall Thornton, Joel Leslie

“You said your dad threw you out?”
“On my eighteenth birthday. He did at least wait until after cake and ice cream. I thought that was good of him.”
“So you don’t ever see him?”
“Once. At Walmart. He was standing in the automotive section. I don’t have a car, though, so I couldn’t see any reason to walk over there.”

Enemy Within - Tal Bauer

First of all, books two and three in this series are not standalone. They are one long adventure - or rather a long line of adventures leading our heroes towards the ultimate goal of saving the world, so my comments here go for both of them. Well, you do also have to read book one first, but there was a bit more of a pause after that one. Not so much after Enemy Of My Enemy.
This was mind-blowing fast-paced action - like a James Bond movie on steroids. At one point I was tempted to take a day off from work to not have to stop reading...
There were twists and turns on every other page, good guys who turned out to be bad, good guys I thought might be bad. And the stress of knowing there were bad guys around and not knowing who they were.
And when our heroes found a moment to breathe, there was romance. Beautiful and intense moments, playful and sweet moments. This wasn't just Ethan and Jack's story; we had other guys trying to find ways to be together in an unaccepting society. I do hope to get more about these guys in future books.

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Enemy Within - Tal Bauer

Starlight and firelight painted diamonds over Jack, carving brilliance over his cheekbones and curling around his smile. Flickers of flame danced up his skin, like the fires in Ethan’s heart, his soul, coming alive and caressing his lover. A river of stars stretched overhead, and the black ocean reflected their glimmer, an endless wash of sparkling perfection. The whole world seemed to revolve around this one point, this one island. Somewhere, far away, distant decisions placed the world’s fate on a deadly axis, but there, on the sand-strewn beach beneath the jewel-studded sky, Ethan saw only perfection.

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Enemy of My Enemy - Tal Bauer

There was no future to his love, but maybe Sergey would let him stay around. Wouldn’t throw him out. Would let him quietly serve from afar and keep his love buried, deep down out of sight. He would never ask for anything. Never hope for what he could never have.


Amazing – and painful – secondary character storylines in this series.

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Enemy of My Enemy - Tal Bauer

Everything he touched turned to disaster, to ruin. Everything and everyone.
Shame burned hot within him, a hatred of himself so searingly intense that he buckled over against the sting, curling down and pressing his forehead to the carpet.
He was worthless as a man. Utterly, absolutely, worthless.



Well, Jack. With the way you are currently treating Ethan, I'm inclined to agree with you!

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Enemy of My Enemy - Tal Bauer

"Jack?" Elizabeth leaned in, trying to catch his gaze. "Are you okay?"
"No. I'm very, very far from okay."



Me neither. This is depressing. I could really do with a win for the good guys.

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Bonfires - Amy Lane, Nick J. Russo

“Teenagers,” Anthony confirmed. “It’s terrible. I can’t even.”
Larx looked at him in the frosty night air of fall in the mountains, lips twitching. “Can’t even what?”
“That’s a complete sentence nowadays. It drives me fucking insane. I can’t even.” Anthony rolled his eyes and Larx doubled over laughing.

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Bonfires - Amy Lane, Nick J. Russo

"Yosh, what do you know about Julia Olson?"
Yoshi sucked wind in through his teeth. "I can't think of a name bad enough. And I speak three languages."
Sounds like a nice girl...

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Enemy of My Enemy - Tal Bauer

Finally, Daniels spoke. His voice was choked, but he looked Ethan dead in the eyes. “I’ve never met a better man than you, Ethan. Swear to fucking God.”

The Law of Attraction - Jay Northcote, Matthew Lloyd Davies

This was a mixed bag. I found Alec intolerably arrogant in the beginning, but he grew on me. He didn’t exactly win the partent lottery so he has spent his whole life in the closet.
Ed is just the opposity – out and proud with a great family who loves and supports him all the way. Add to that some amazing friends and co-workers and this is pretty much a feel-good story all the way.
Initial attraction and passion is followed by the two of them getting to know and eventually falling for each other, forcing Alec to maybe reconsider whether or not he is prepared to spend the rest of his life closeted and lonely. Or if maybe he and Ed are worth taking a chance on. Which mainly means standing up to his parents and telling them the truth about himself.
Obviously the whole thing ends the way it’s supposed to. But I still have to subtract a star for severe lack of required groveling. And for Alec’s relationship with his parents; if any parent of mine had treated me like that in younger years, I sure as hell would not still have been around to celebrate their 70th birthday...

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Enemy of My Enemy - Tal Bauer

“And when will the president listen to the people saying ‘Enough is enough. We don’t want this kind of person leading us?’)”


This book was published in October 2016. I doubt this quote would have ‘felt’ the same way back then as it does now!

Of course, some of us would be thrilled if America really had a president like Jack Spiers..

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