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Christmas Kitsch - Amy Lane

She’d had me tested when I was around three, and there was the psychological profile in my baby book along with her notes for what it would mean for my future: “High interpersonal skills—will network well. Substandard symbolic logic skills—will need help in math. Average verbal skills—should be able to succeed in language with enough effort.”



Mom's notes in son's picture book. The usual stuff - not!

Son of Money - Brandon Witt

Randall Morgan grew up in an extremely wealthy family with the expectation he follow whatever path his father made out for him.

Randall’s parents rank very high on the list of disgusting people. There is a lot of potential for a rant here, but I’ll just leave one quote from the father to Morgan’s brother, Dustin. It pretty much says it all about ‘Daddy dearest’:


Dad didn’t look at her. “Dustin, I thought I’ve made it perfectly clear that you need to keep your wife under control.”


So, yeah. Randall did not want to stick around his controlling familiy. He has actually had the audacity to chose his own path in life at the cost of having any access to the family fortune. He has as little contact with his family as possible. And he gets by just fine; his photography career is about to take off, he gets to spend time with his niece – the only reason he is sticking around and hasn’t moved far away from his family, and he meets Noah again. The boy he shared a first kiss with so long ago.

Randall and Noah reconnect and things are great until secrets come out and rumors start flying. In a big way – the Morgan name guarantees plenty of press coverage. It’s an emotional rollercoaster ride and Randall struggles to find his footing and not mess things up with Noah in the process.


The book has my favorite kind of ending where the good guys win and the bad guys are left with nothing.

Reading progress update: I've read 64%.

A Destiny of Dragons  - By (author) TJ Klune, Michael Lesley

“Kevin will have to stay here. Tiggy and Gary too. We must move with lightness under our feet.”

“Did you just call me fat?” Gary said, sounding outraged. “Bitch, I ain’t fat. I am motherfucking jolly—“

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A Destiny of Dragons  - By (author) TJ Klune, Michael Lesley

“Unicorns,” she growled. “Never has there been more useless creatures. Be gone with you, horse.”
“Uh-oh,” I said.
“Horse?” Gary snapped. “Horse? Oh, girl, you gone and done it now.
“It’s true,” Vadoma insisted. “You are a horse with a horn. Oops. Not even that, are you?”
“GAAAAAH!” Gary screamed.



Aaand that was the moment when I almost flew off the treadmill...!
Lesley's Gary voice is so spot on, lol

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Turning the Page - Andrew  Grey

So, the guy's name is Hans Erickson (with ck and o), he grew up in a place where apparently everyone was skiing and he even tried ski jumping. Surely that must be Denmark, right? Yeah, no.
This could probably work just fine with a search&replace throughout the book where Denmark is replaced with Sweden.
Seriously? That kind of research is not hard.  I mean, ski jumping in Denmark? I can't even....

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A Destiny of Dragons  - By (author) TJ Klune, Michael Lesley

“Please forgive Sam,” Ryan said. “He’s had a… troubling couple of days.”
“Really,” Randall said. “And how do you explain everything else?”
“Um,” Ryan said. “He’s had a… troubling life?”
“I really have,” I said. “Though, I blame a lot of other people rather than myself. It’s easier that way.”

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A Destiny of Dragons  - By (author) TJ Klune, Michael Lesley

Ryan wanted to make working out together a thing we did, because it could bring us closer together, Sam, just stop complaining and do it. But after a disaster that somehow ended up with me strung up upside-down from the ceiling due to a combination of a jump rope, a twenty-five-pound free weight, and the laws of physics, he never made me go down there again.

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Turning the Page - Andrew  Grey

She stabbed the catalog. "When a man has been an ass, he shall send flowers. It's like the twelfth commandment. The eleventh is 'don't be an ass.'"

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— feeling grin
A Destiny of Dragons  - By (author) TJ Klune, Michael Lesley

“I am going to do so many things to you later,” I said. “Things I can’t talk about right now because my parents and my long-lost grandma are standing right near us and I want them to think I’m still a virgin.”
“We don’t think that,” Dad said. “Especially since you came to us the day after you lost it and announced it at breakfast.”

Santa Baby - Avery Ford

It may not be completely fair to this particular book, but this has been building for a while and this one was apparently the last straw. I have to let out my rant now;

I am getting rather tired of guys in books fighting relationships tooth and nail out of principle. If it happens and it feels right, just let it the f... happen! And this idea that just because a guy – in this case Cameron – has seen friends’ relationships crash and burn that automatically means that relationships will always crash and burn is getting annoying. So just because something may perhaps possibly eventually in the future not turn out the way he wants, he will be a miserable bastard and do whatever he can not to fall into happiness in the present. I have no patience for that anymore.


Cameron and Levi have been best friends for many years and whenever Cameron comes home for Christmas, a lot of benefits go along with the friendship. (A lot of ‘benefits’ – it felt like that was all that happened for a large part of the book). Eventually, feelings happen and get in the way and ruin everything and they are both miserable for a long time

Hint to whining, idiot MC: If you need a whole f.... year to figure it out, I am not sure I quite believe that you actually do love the guy

(show spoiler)

before things are set to right at the end.



I also had the feeling someone might have dozed off a few times during the editing process. These are little things that I can just skip past if I like a book but not if I’m already unhappy:


He started to say something when I threw a snowball at him.Uh oh, he had no shirt on. That must be cold as fuck.

His nipples looked like they could cut glass. I had no idea what the saying was about the cold and shrinkage or not but I stared at his bulge a his sleep pants tented.

“You will pay for this.” He threw a snowball at me and ran down the front steps. He had been smart and bundled up in a jacket.


Wait, what? What happened to ‘no shirt on’? Is this the magical kind of jacket that just appears out of nowhere?


We had never kissed like this before. Pecks on cheeks or maybe a bit more on the lips, sure, but nothing like this.

Nooo, never. Except maybe for the very first time in the book we saw you together and: I let him in and he explored, tangling our tongues. Really, they were kissing every time they had sex (which was pretty much all the time).



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A Destiny of Dragons  - By (author) TJ Klune, Michael Lesley



F..... Finally!

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Devour - Rinda Elliott, Jocelynn Drake

Oh Ian....

— feeling big smile
Crash & Burn - Abigail Roux, J. F. Harding

I read this book when it came out and knew it to be amazing. The audio sure didn't make it any less so.
And Harding's voice/accent for Liam, who played a large role in this one, can only be described as perfection.

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Reservations - Kindle Alexander

Thane added that to the list of things Levi needed. A new car. He would buy him one. Levi was going to be expensive. He didn’t really care about the cost; he’d be worth it.

Geez, you make him sound like an investment opportunity.

I think Levi nailed it when calling Thane a "rich douche-bag asshole"!

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Crash & Burn - Abigail Roux, J. F. Harding

“Grady,” Ty said after just two rings. Even though he’d resigned from the Bureau a year ago, he still answered his phone as if he expected someone to be calling him to go kill something.
“Hey, doll,” Zane drawled. “How’s your day going?”
“Pretty good, actually. What’s up?”
“I had a thought.”
“God help us,” Ty said under his breath.




Happy sigh - back with my boys again

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Reservations - Kindle Alexander

“I got carried away. It was a hot kiss, but I’m not fucking you or anyone else for money. And I sure as hell won’t be auditioning for a spot on your rent-boy roster. I have no interest in becoming one of the God knows how many guys on your payroll who wait for your summons to be fucked.”
Sounds like a pretty clear 'no deal' to me.

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