Crooked Tree Ranch: Montana, Book 1 - Love Lane Books Limited, RJ Scott, Sean Crisden

I do love myself some Sean Crisden. And I enjoy Scott's writing. And then there are cowboys, so this was a good one. And we aren't even drowning in children (yet), so I'll continue with the series for now.

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Asylum - Robert Winter

He talked about things his father had said in their few conversations over the years so that he knew he’d never be able to come out to his parents.
And finally…
Finally he was ready. He reached out blindly to grab Colin’s hand, and he talked about being a little boy alone in his uncle’s store.



No, no, no - I don't think I need to read this in detail...

A Kind of Truth - Seth Clayton, Dreamspinner Press LLC, Lane Hayes

A sweet story about two lovable, down to earth guys falling in love and getting their priorities straight. Rand and Will both have people trying to push them in a certain direction because it suits their own agendas. Especially Will was suffering from a bad case of nasty parents.

Of course love wins in the end and the way Will took a stand for himself and his relationship with Rand was absolutely glorious.

Still, the most important conclusion for me from this book is that I now seem to have yet another favorite audiobook narrator. Awesome job by Seth Clayton.

The Master Will Appear - L.A. Witt, Michael Ferraiuolo

A wonderful age gap romance with a healthy dose of BDSM. What’s not to love?

Misha is a college professor, an experienced fencer and a dominant. He already has three divorces under his belt and has been single for a while, yet he is quite content and hasn’t lost his general optimism.

Unlike the much younger college student Ryan who has grown up with a family of people who resent him for existing and where relationships and marriages serve a purpose rather than being about love and connection. In other words, for all Ryan knows, love is Hollywood invention. One he has never no experience with in real life.


Ryan and Misha meet through fencing and Misha starts giving Ryan fencing lessons. They don’t like each other much in the beginning, and yet there is some kind of pull. Ryan doesn’t really understand his attraction to the older man, but he is ok with some no-strings-fun. Except, once Misha puts him on his knees it all turns in to so much more as Ryan discovers his submissive side.


The relationship grows and we get insanely hot scenes – with and without D/s – and we get heartbreaking, tender moments. I loved all of it.

And I think most of all I absolutely loved this example of how a good narrator can take a great book and make it even more amazing. Michael Ferraiuolo absolutely nailed it; both his Misha and Ryan voices were perfect.

Reading progress update: I've read 24%.

The Master Will Appear - L.A. Witt, Michael Ferraiuolo

“One Dom I know finds that if his usual punishments aren’t getting through, it’s effective to sprinkle some dry rice on the floor and make his sub kneel on them for a couple of minutes.”
Ryan’s eyes widened. “That sounds…”
“I know.” I nodded. “Not nearly harsh enough.”
He blinked. “What?”
“I prefer to use LEGO instead.”

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The Master Will Appear - L.A. Witt, Michael Ferraiuolo

I tried not to squirm as he kept looking at me. “Since when does sex include discipline?”
Mikhail’s stern expression changed to a sharky grin that made all the fine hairs on my body stand on end. “If I’m involved in it, then I assure you, sex involves discipline.”

The Fireman's Pole - Sue  Brown

This is what I would consider the perfect representative of the Dreamspun Desires line; small English town where everyone knows everyone (and their business!), a Lord and a hot fireman who both love dogs. Add some crimes that need solving and a manipulative business man and our guys have their hands full until their well-earned happy ending. Which could have been spelled out in a bit more - I would have liked an epilogue. Still I really enjoyed this light, fluffy story.

Captive Hearts - A E Ryecart

This was one of those books where I spent most of it feeling uneasy. Not because of the MCs – they where amazing – but they were in an impossible situation. With every moment they spent together I was just waiting for shit to happen.

 It’s not a feeling I generally enjoy, but it does make the ending that much sweeter. And I will definitely be going for the next book in the series.

The Ghost Slept Over - Jason Frazier, Marshall Thornton

How do you get close to and start a relationship with someone when you have the ghost of your ex literally following your every move?

Cal is trying.

Surprised to learn that his ex left his entire estate to him, he travels to the small town of Marlboro to meet up with Mac’s lawyer, Dewey, to discuss the details. Cal plans to stay a couple of weeks to take care of everything and during this time, both Dewey and the town and its people start to grow on him.

Unfortunately, Mac’s ghost is still around and none too happy about Cal’s plans to sell the house nor his growing relationship with Dewey.

The story was OK but it was Jason Frazier’s portrayal of Mac as a grumpy narcissist that really sold it. I did not particularly like Mac, but he was done absolutely perfectly to the point where he pretty much stole the show completely.

Reading progress update: I've read 52%.

A Wish Upon the Stars - T.J. Klune

Tiggy kissed the top of my head. “All right?”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “Except for the whole having to whore myself out to a group of ruffians, coming face-to-face with the traitor who stabbed my boo, and then getting sucked through Randall’s magic hole after a supervillain was about to monologue.”

“So, a normal Tuesday, then,” Gary said.

“It’s only Tuesday? Ugh. Worst. Week. Ever.”

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A Wish Upon the Stars - T.J. Klune

Before I could retort (how dare she question me), Justin said, “Sam will have my back, just like I know you’ll have his. He’s my wizard. He’ll—Sam, get that look off your face. We are not hugging right now, so don’t even think about it.”

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A Wish Upon the Stars - T.J. Klune

“Sam, no one knew where you’d gone. Everyone thought you ran away!”
“What? I didn’t run away.” I glared at the crowd. “I went on a quest. To be awesome. And guess what? It worked.”
“It did?” he asked dubiously. “Because you look like the homeless guy who kept coming into my dad’s hotel to urinate in the fountain.”
“Wow. That is not the look I was going for.

Perfect Alignment - Silvia Violet

Silvia Violet is a master of steamy, erotic romance. With Thorne and Dash it comes with an age gap, a bit of domination, spankings and a riding crop. All wrapped up in a sappy romance with a perfect HEA making me a happy reader :)

The Consumption of Magic - T.J. Klune, Michael Lesley

So, after long adventures with lots of laughs this turned dark fast. Meaning there is no way I will be able to wait months for the audio of book four. I need to read it way sooner than that.


P.S. There was not enough Gary in this book. I need more Gary.

Everyday History - Alice Archer

I’ve been chewing on this for 3 days not really knowing how to describe this book. The writing style was so different from what I am used to. There was a very strong sense of being on the outside looking in on the characters. This was further enhanced by chapter headings referring to the MCs as The Historian and The Explorer.


Ruben falls in lust with his teacher and does his very best to try and seduce him. But Henry, aware of their positions as student/teacher and Henry’s young age, resistst. Until the point when Ruben is no longer his student.

Ruben, however, is still very young and new to the idea of being with a man. He is not ready to settle down, so they go their separate ways despite the strong connection they share.


And this is the part of the book I had some problems with; I can absolutely understand that a man Ruben’s age is not sure that the first man he falls for really is the one he wants to be with in the long run. He simply has no frame of reference. But it was still painful to have the MCs apart – and both rather miserable, I might add – for a very large part of the book.

Henry processes his pain by writing articles about the history of everyday objects. These articles are another aspect that make the writing style of this book so unique. And eventually, they are what makes Ruben start waking up and pursuing his happiness.


The ending was perfect and made up for what I as a reader had to endure during the separation.


Reading progress update: I've read 7%.

Running to You - Andrew  Grey

Carlos went to leave the apartment, but stopped for a second, turning to where Billy Joe held his son tightly to him, fear in his eyes. It sent a chill up Carlos’s back as he wondered about the source of it. He knew that fear, and the loneliness and mistrust that accompanied it. He’d lived that himself.

This all feels darker than I'm used to for an Andrew Grey story...

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